"25-years locked in a barn
- now it wants to fly!"

Documented real Superbird,
Mechanical upgrades in 2015,
Gen III Hemi, 440+ cid,
6-Speed automatic,
Tubular K, 4-link rear, 4-wheel disc,
Sporting "Banned Bird" graphics.

Pretend it is the 1970's. You want to set up a car for drag racing, but still be able to drive it on the street. You want a Superbird because it has a neat look, but don't have the money yet. Now it's 2015 and you finally have the money for your dream project. You buy a low mileage real Superbird. It's low mileage because it sat in a barn for 25-years! Next you need a motor, transmission, rear end, and suspension. Do you use 1970 or today's technology?

It wasn't enough that NASCAR essentially BANNED this breed from speed in 1971, but being cooped up in a barn for 25 years? Baby wants to get on the streets and fly again. So, after 45-years, a few of us are helping this girl feel young and fast again.

This site will document and provide details on a 1970 Superbird that was a "barn find". The car was removed from the barn in 2003 after being there since 1978. It is"upgraded" with current technology drivetrain and suspension, while retaining it's mid-1970 appearance. It is capable to do an 11-second quarter mile and be driven cross country with the same drive train.

Click for PDF flyer on the car.

During the non-snow season, this Superbird will make appearances around the country. Wheels and graphics appear period correct as a mid-1970 drag race car. It is still sporting the 1970's Petty Blue paint job but with a new white top. The name "Banned Bird" is to remind us of NASCAR banning the HEMI powered 1969/1970 Winged Cars and briefly banning the HEMI itself in the mid 1960's.

Although looking 1970's drag racing, the Superbird takes advantage of new technology. As far as we know, this is the first "real" 1970 Superbird to have a Generation III (G3) Hemi and full suspension retrofit. Plum Floored Creations has done this to numerous B-Bodies, including a Superbird clone. Unlike a "Restified" car (restored to look new on the outside, but upgraded technology to the drivetrain and/or suspension) this barn find Superbird will retain the patina survivor exterior. The term "Pro Touring" also does not apply, since the 1970's look is retained. Perhaps it is best called "Patina Mod"?

Check the motor details here.

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