"25-years locked in a barn
- now it wants to fly!"

Documented real Superbird,
Mechanical upgrades in 2015,
Gen III Hemi, 440+ cid,
6-Speed automatic,
Tubular K, 4-link rear, 4-wheel disc,
Sporting "Banned Bird" graphics.

"Banned Bird" is to appear as a surviving 1970's drag racer.

We always wanted a 1970's drag car. The body lines, the mod colors and graphics, L50 x 15's on the rear; what can we say? Unfortunately we weren't able to do that in 1970. But who says we can't do it now: Take an iconic 70's muscle car and make it into a drag car?

The Superbird we are using was a barn find. The current Petty Blue paint has naturally weathered since early 1970's. Seems a shame to paint over it, so we decided to make our drag racer look like it survived. For the graphics, we are starting fresh rather than duplicate a previous car.

However, a 1970 muscle car was a slug by today's standards. Why should a Superbird be embarrassed next to a Hellcat? No harm if we even the playing field with the same technology, right? So while it appears 1970 standing next to it, it won't once you look deeper.

Here are some details of the car (as of 12/16/2016):

  • Estimated quarter mile = 11.900 seconds.
  • Estimate 700+ HP in the planned normally aspirated configuration.
  • Gen III Hemi, aluminum block, 446-cid, 11.0:1, running "pump" gas.
  • Crower cam with oversize hollow valves and modified beehive for higher RPM.
  • Thitek aluminum heads with 2.165" intakes.
  • CP Carrillo pistons for 4.172" dia x 4.080" stroke.
  • Molnar Technologies 4340 alloy H-beam connecting rods.
  • Fully programmable ECU (such as FAST).
  • Transmission is a Zero Gravity Performance 6-speed automatic (based on 4L85).
  • 3500 rpm stall speed with lock up capabilities.
  • Paddle shifters and wireless gear selector to retain 1970 column shift.
  • Oversize aluminum radiator with dual SPAL fans.
  • Tubular K-member with 1.5-inch drop front spindles.
  • Double adjustable coil over shocks and Rack and Pinion steering.
  • ProLink 4-link rear suspension (Watts Link).
  • Rear end is a 3.54 Strange Engineering S60 with Tru-Track locker.
  • New master cylinder with four wheel disk brakes (Wilwood).
  • Headers are TTi (Tube Technologies, Inc.) 2-inch with 3-1/2-inch pipes out to side exhaust.
  • 22-gallon, twin pump fuel cell from ATL.
  • 1970 looking wheels (Crager) are 15x4 front and 15x10 rear for drag racing and more conventional for street (BF Goodrich).
  • Set of slicks for the track and conventional drag radials for street.
  • Interior is A100 bucket seats and rear seat delete (Phase 2).
  • Chassis stiffening and roll cage (Phase 2).
  • Weight savings modifications to front end (Phase 2).

As much of the above will be done in 2016. Of course, we are anxious to get the car back on the road and on the track. Spring 2016 will allow time to finish any outstanding changes / upgrades. Simple items such as improving the 1970 wipers and the original Superbird vacuum headlight doors is to be done as "filler" work. We always considered 2016 to be "Phase 1". The goal of lowering the quarter mile time and still be a stock appearing 1970 Superbird is Phase 2. This will likely be lightening the car and adding more horsepower. This may involve a new motor, so anyone interested in the old motor? -lol.